API Rate Limits

Haventec Online and Offline vault API's have Rate Limits. This section will give you overview of the rate limit you may encounter.

Vault Rate Limits

All Online and Offline endpoints are subject to rate limiting on a per application basis.


Each application is allowed 25 requests per second. Hitting a vault API will consume one of these. If you wish to increase your API limit please contact Haventec support.


If you exceed a rate limit Haventec will return a HTTP 429 Too Many Requests error. The Response will contain a Retry-After HTTP header. The response body specification contains:

responseStatus {: Contains details about the response status
Type: JSON Object
Presence: required
code: The response status code
Type: optional
Values: alphanumeric, dashes
Presence: optional
detailedErrors [{: Contains error details if any error(s) occurred
Type: Array of JSON Objects
Presence: optional
errorReasons [: Contains reasons for the parent detailed error
Type: Array of string
Presence: optional
property: The JSON property in the request responsible for the parent detailed error
Type: string
Presence: optional
message: The response message
Type: string
Values: see Sanctum error messages
Presence: optional
status: The response status
Type: string
Presence: required
retryAfter: Seconds to wait before retrying
Type: integer
Presence: required