Error code Description
SRVC-1000Action not permitted
SRVC-1001Required claims are missing
APPN-1000Incorrect application details
APPN-1001Application is locked
APPN-1002Application is disabled
USER-1000User does not exist
USER-1001Requester can not delete themselves
USER-1003User is disabled
USER-1004User already disabled
USER-1005User is locked
USER-1006User is not in the organisation
DVCE-1000Invalid font set
DVCE-1001Invalid os type
DVCE-1002Invalid browser type
DVCE-1003Invalid browser version
DVCE-1004Possible spoofing detected
VALT-1000Vault is disabled
VALT-1001Vault already disabled
VALT-1002Vault does not exist
VALT-1004Unable to parse vault content
VALT-1005Vault is locked or expired
VALT-1006Vault is in a transaction
VALT-1007Device not found
VALT-1008Unable to access vault with supplied vault credentials
VALT-1009Incompatible vault type, online vault expected
VALT-1010Public key is invalid
VALT-1011Security pin is invalid
VALT-1012Security data payload is invalid
VALT-1013Invalid application details
VALT-1014You do not have access to this vault
VALT-1015Invalid vault UUID provided
VALT-1016Invalid credentials provided
VALT-1017Invalid security type
VALT-1018Too many concurrent transactions opened. Please complete the transaction first before opening a new one
VALT-1019Transaction token has expired
VALT-1020Vault has expired
VALT-1021Vault is currently involved in a different transaction, please complete it and try again
TNST-1000Invalid transaction
TNST-1001Vault has a null VaultType
TNST-1002VaultType is not handled
TNST-1003Specified transaction token for vault not found
TNST-1004Invalid encrypted credentials provided
TNST-1005There was a problem serializing the form
SYSM-1000Unable to handle unknown VaultType
SYSM-1001Unable to handle unknown TransactionType
CLNT-1000Unable to parse Json, please check the request's Json schema is valid
CLNT-1001Invalid json value or format
ANRE-1000Not possible to reach REST API of Authenticate
RQST-1000Invalid request, request body failed validation
RQST-1001Invalid request, request headers failed validation