What is Haventec Authenticate?

Haventec Authenticate is a truly passwordless authentication system that makes authentication quicker and easier for your customers while increasing security.

For your customer

  • Simple user experience more...

    Unlike traditional applications that use a password, Haventec Authenticate uses an easy to remember 4 digit PIN.

  • Frictionless registration and authentication more...

    With Haventec Authenticate you can automatically register the customer's device without them having to do any extra work.

    Authentication is quick and easy, you can try it out for yourself using our Demo Application

  • Easy 4 digit PIN more...

    Our example uses a 4 digit PIN but you can choose to use any number of digits, 6, 8 etc.

    This is customisable based on your organisational and security needs.

  • No complicated passwords more...

    The majority of customers are not good at remembering long complicated passwords and as a result, they use short weak passwords, reducing their security and increasing their risk of their passwords being compromised.

    With Haventec authenticate the customer only needs to remember a simple 4 digit PIN, unlike a traditional password this PIN is never stored anywhere.

  • Two Factor Authentication comes out of the box and does not impact the customer more...

    2FA only exist today due to the inherent weakness of traditional usernames and passwords. Most customers find it hard to use and an inconvenience.

    Because we have rebuilt authentication from the ground up we have also included 2FA built into our Authentication process. Two Factor authenticate is a combination of something you know, something you have, and something you are. With Haventec Authenticate we use something you know and something you have.

    At Haventec we have implement 2FA under the hood, removing the inconvenience for the customer while increasing their security.

    Something you know - The user's PIN

    The PIN is only known to the customer and is never stored anywhere. Once the PIN is entered, it is encrypted and never decrypted.

    Something you have - The user's device

    The user's device (browser, mobile app, TV app .....) has an identifier and secret that is unique to that device. This allows us to confirm that the device the user is authenticating on is in fact theirs.

  • No 3rd party apps or plug-in required more...

    Haventec Authenticate does not rely on your customers installing any 3rd party applications or browser plugins.

    To use Haventec Authenticate you integrate directly into your own app or website and the customer does not need to use any other 3rd party application or browser plugins to authenticate.

For your Organisation

  • No central store of passwords, anywhere more...

    Haventec authenticate does not use any passwords hence there is no need to store this sensitive information.

    This removes the central "honeypot" that attackers are looking for from your Organisation.

    And since this "honeypot" does not exist within your Organisation, you do not have to divert cost and resources protecting it.

  • Increased security more...

    Your customers are protected with Haventec Authenticate rolling key technology. This technology creates a brand new set of authentication keys and secrets every time the customer authenticates and as a result, the window of attack is greater reduced.

    In a traditional username and password system, this is the same as asking the customer to change their password every time they login. With Haventec Authenticate this happens automatically without the user knowing.

    For more details on this see How Authenticate works.

  • Reduced risk more...

    Your Organisation and Haventec do not store any passwords because they do not exist and since we also roll the customer's keys and secrets every time they authenticate, your risk of a data breach is greatly reduced.

  • No more password reset policies more...

    There are no passwords so why have a policy for something that does not exist.

  • On-premise or Cloud, you decide more...

    Haventec Authenticate is available as an on-premise installation or you can quickly and easily start using our Cloud SaaS.

For your Developers

  • Easy integration more...

    Haventec Authenticate integrates with industry standards.

  • Full suite of restful APIs more...

    All of Haventec Authenticates features are exposed via a set of Restful APIs

  • Up and running in less than 15 minutes more...

    Use our Quick Start guide to get your team up and running in no time.

  • Build your app in any language or on any platform more...

    Haventec Authenticate works with any application written in any language that can call our Restful APIs

    Haventec Authenticate does not rely on your customers installing any 3rd party application or browser plugins

See how easy our Authentication really is

Experience the sign up and login process with our Haventec Authenticate Demo Web app. Or download our Haventec Authenticate Demo Android app from Google Play.