Haventec Sanctum Overview

  • Removes sensitive information off your network
  • Securely manages data in decentralised environments
  • Safely recalls data at any time to authorised users
  • Reduces data breach risk
  • Restores control of personal data to the owner

Sanctum prevents sensitive data theft

Data breaches are occurring with greater frequency and impact (both financial and reputational) every day – it’s not a matter of if, but when.

By removing sensitive information off your network, there is nothing to steal! Therefore your business won’t be exposed to the risks of financial and reputational damage due to sensitive data theft.

Giving control of personal data back to the owner increases trust with your customers.

Haventec Sanctum helps secure and control personally identifiable, credit card and other sensitive information, such as financial data, on any device the user nominates.

Sanctum leverages Haventec Authenticate technology to safely store data locally on Authenticate-secured devices.


  • Improves customer experience by safely and reliably transferring data on demand
  • Increases productivity by securing data exchange across multiple channels
  • Reduces developer costs with easy installation via simple APIs
  • Minimises impacts of potential breaches by ensuring there is no valuable data to steal
  • Builds trust by giving rightful owners back control of their valuable data