Sanctum Quick Start Guide

This quick start guide will guide you through:

  1. Signing up and creating an Organisation in the Demo Haventec Console environment
  2. Add your Sanctum enabled Application
  3. Download and configuring the Haventec Sanctum postman files
  4. Interacting with the Sanctum API's using postman

Go to Haventec Console Demo and sign up your organisation.

Haventec Console create organisation screenshot

Add your Sanctum enabled Application

Once you have signed up, add your application by going to Applications and clicking the Add application button.

  • Enter your Application name
  • Enter your Application description
  • Tick the checkbox to enable Sanctum

This will create your new application which will display your Application UUID and API Key. You will need these to start using your application with postman. Haventec Console create sanctum application screenshot

Download and configuring your postman files

Download the Haventec Sanctum postman collection and environment file below:

Sanctum Postman Collection

Sanctum Postman Environment

Import your collection and environment file into postman.

Insert your Application UUID and API Key into the postman environment file:

Viewing postman environment Editing postman environment

Click "Update" and you're ready to start interacting with the Sanctum API's

Interacting with the Sanctum API's

You are now ready to hit the Sanctum API's! Select the "Create Generic Offline Vault" API in the collection and click "Send"

Sanctum create generic offline vault screenshot

Ensure you run the API's in order as the output of one API will be required for the input of the next API (e.g. For the Expiry vaults, the output of the Create expiry generic offline vault API will be required to call the Get expiry generic offline vault API.)