Slack SAML Integration


This document outlines the basic configuration to get a third party single sign-on integration working between Slack and Haventec Authenticate using Haventec IAM (Keycloak) to handle transformation between SAML and OIDC for your Slack domain site

Only full SAML security was enabled with signing or encryption of SAML assertions.


  • Complete the quick start tutorial to create your Haventec Application
  • For the purpose of this tutorial, let's assume we're integrating to the Slack domain which is set up as an enterprise Slack account which is required for the enablement of a third party single sign-on integration in Slack settings and administration.¬†

Main Steps

  1. Create your Haventec IAM IdP
  2. Configure your IAM IdP and connect to Haventec Authenticate
  3. Configure your IAM SAML Client
  4. Connect configuration to Slack SAML settings