Setup Authenticate's database

You could use a PostgresSQL DB at your environment or create one at your localhost just for testing purposes.

Install PostgreSQL DB

Download postgres via docker

    docker pull postgres

Create and run a PostgreSQL container

    docker run --name postgres -p 5432:5432 -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=password -d postgres

Connect to the DB via docker to create the user and the DB

    docker run -it --rm --link postgres:postgres postgres psql -h postgres -U postgres

Create DB schemas and DB user

Create two PostgreSQL DB schemas, one for Haventec Authenticate and another one for Haventec Console.

    CREATE DATABASE htauthenticate;
    CREATE DATABASE htconsole;
    CREATE DATABASE htoidclanding;

Create users and make them the owner of the created DB schemas.

    CREATE USER haventec WITH LOGIN PASSWORD 'yourPassword';
    ALTER DATABASE htauthenticate OWNER TO haventec;
    ALTER DATABASE htconsole OWNER TO haventec;
    ALTER DATABASE htoidclanding OWNER TO haventec;

You can use a different USER and DATABASE name but remember to update your configuration with your new values.

Next steps

Install Authenticate