Setting up Authenticate

After Haventec Authenticate and Haventec Console have been installed, they must be configured via Setup

Setup Haventec Authenticate and Haventec Console

Navigate to the Setup screen in Haventec Console


If the Haventec system is ready for setup, and there is no indication of errors, the setup screen should look like:

Haventec Authenticate Setup screen

  1. Pick a Root admin username, this will be used when you need to log in as the root administrator.
  2. Enter a Root admin email address, this will be used to receive notifications for your root administrator account.

Click the Setup button. On success, the Setup screen will redirect to the Activate User screen

Activate root user

Complete the Activate User form

Setup activate user screen

  1. The Username should be pre-populated with the root admin username.
  2. The Activation Code should be pre-populated with a code generated from the previous page.
  3. Enter a new PIN, this will be used when you need to log in as the root administrator.
  4. Confirm the PIN

Setup screen errors

The Setup screen performs some tests to ensure that the system has been installed correctly and the servers are running. The following section outlines a number of scenarios where these tests fail, and what action is advised.

  • Cannot communicate with servers

    If Haventec Authenticate or Haventec Console are not running, or the frontend cannot communicate with either backend, the messages at the top will indicate which server communication failed, similar to the following

    Authenticate is not running

    In this case, check that the servers are running, and there are no errors in their logs

  • Generic error

    If there are any other problems detected with the install, the setup screen will display the following message

    Authenticate or Console Error

    In this case, re-install the applications.

Next steps

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