Authenticate installation overview

Haventec Authenticate is available as on-premise or as a cloud solution. This manual describes how to install it on-premise.

The Haventec Authenticate on-premise solution consists of two applications:

  • Haventec Authenticate

    This is the authentication service and it is in charge of the authentication of your users and their devices.

  • Haventec Console

    This is a web app to administrate Haventec Authenticate.

Haventec Authenticate on-premise architecture

Both applications are provided as separate Docker images.

The Docker images are on a private Docker Hub repository and are not publicly available.

Please contact us for further information about an on-premise solution and how to acquire Haventec Authenticate for your organisation.


  • Database - The Haventec applications are stateless and store all persistent information into databases. Currently, we only support PostgreSQL.

    Note: If you don't have any PostgreSQL DB, it is very easy to set up a PostgreSQL docker container from their official repository.

  • SMTP Mail Server - Haventec Console requires an email server in order to send activation tokens to users email addresses.

Next steps

Setup Authenticate's database