Authenticate installation overview

Haventec Authenticate is available as on-premise or as a cloud demo solution. This manual describes how to install it on-premise.

The Haventec Authenticate on-premise solution consists of two applications:

  • Haventec Authenticate

    This is the authentication service and it is in charge of the authentication of your users and their devices.

  • Haventec Console

    This is a web app to administrate Haventec Authenticate.

Haventec Authenticate on-premise architecture

Both applications are provided as separate Docker images.

The Docker images are on a private Docker Hub repository and are not publicly available.

Haventec Console Docker Container Architecture

Haventec Console docker container architecture
Haventec Authenticate Docker Container Architecture
Haventec Authenticate container architecture

Please contact us for further information about an on-premise solution and how to acquire Haventec Authenticate for your organisation.


  • Database - The Haventec applications are stateless and store all persistent information into databases. Currently, we only support PostgreSQL , and we recommend version 9.6

    Note: If you don't have any PostgreSQL DB, it is very easy to set up a PostgreSQL docker container from their official repository.

  • Docker - The docker images have been built with Docker Version 18.06.2. Please use a compatible Docker version.
  • Entropy - Haventec Authenticate requires a level of entropy above 2000 and a bandwidth of 20kB/s. We recommend to install the package rng-tools in the OS that runs the docker containers in order to provide entropy. You could test the entropy of your OS with the following commands.
    Check entropy levels:
        cat /proc/sys/kernel/random/entropy_avail
    Check the entropy bandwidth:
        dd if=/dev/random of=/dev/null bs=1024 count=10 iflag=fullblock
  • SMTP Mail Server - Haventec Console requires an email server in order to send activation tokens to users email addresses.

Next steps

Setup Authenticate's database