Error codes

The following error codes are returned by Haventec Authenticate endpoints

Error codeDescription
AN-ACTD-1001Unable to load the LDAP context
AN-ACTD-1002ApplicationUUID is not valid
AN-ACTD-1003LDAP group root DN is not defined
AN-ACTD-1004LDAP group search base is not defined
AN-ACTD-1005LDAP user search base is not defined
AN-ACTD-1006LDAP URLs are not defined
AN-ACTD-1007LDAP login dn is not defined
AN-ACTD-1008LDAP login password is not defined
AN-ACTD-1009LDAP group attribute filter is not defined
AN-ACTD-1010LDAP user attribute filter is not defined
AN-APIK-1000ApiKey not found at the header of the request. Please introduce it at the request header with the key x-api-key
AN-APIK-1001Application UUID and Api Key do not match
AN-APIK-1002Application UUID and Api Key do not match
AN-APIK-1003Required field applicationUuid not found in the body request
AN-APLI-1000Request to retrieve service details denied
AN-APLI-1001Request to retrieve user details denied
AN-APLI-1002Application login page not valid. Please type a valid URL
AN-APLI-1003Delete application request denied
AN-APLI-1004Update application request denied
AN-APLI-1005Invalid ApplicationUuid
AN-APLI-1007User not found for application
AN-APLI-1008Invalid application name for connector
AN-AUTH-1000Missing authorization header
AN-AUTH-1001Invalid authorization token
AN-AUTH-1002Unauthorized access token
AN-AUTH-1003Forbidden access to this API
AN-AUTH-1004Authentication failed, You have 1 more login attempt before your device is locked
AN-AUTH-1005Authentication failed, your device is now locked
AN-AUTH-1006Authentication failed
AN-AUTH-1007Invalid user provision request
AN-AUTH-1008Unable to validate user against external service
AN-AUTH-1009Invalid forgot PIN request
AN-AUTH-1010Unauthorized device pin reset
AN-AUTH-1011Expired reprovisioning request
AN-AUTH-1012Invalid reprovisioning request
AN-AUTH-1013Expired reprovisioning request
AN-AUTH-1014Device not found or locked
AN-AUTH-1015Invalid device activation
AN-AUTH-1016User UUID in the wrong format
AN-AUTH-1017User not found in application
AN-AUTH-1018Invalid activation token.
AN-AUTH-1019Invalid activation token. You have 1 more attempt before your device is locked.
AN-AUTH-1020Invalid activation token. Your device is now locked.
AN-AUTH-1022Invalid reset token.
AN-AUTH-1027Invalid activation token. You have 1 more attempt left
AN-AUTH-1028User has no connector record
AN-AUTH-1029Authentication failed, You have 1 more login attempt before your device is locked for 5 minutes
AN-AUTH-1030Authentication failed, your device is now locked for 5 minutes
AN-AUTH-1031This device is temporarily locked, please try again later
AN-CRYP-1001Encryption Error
AN-HASH-1001Error at the Secret Key Factory
AN-HASH-1002Invalid Base64 encoded
AN-HASH-1003The number of section of this hash is not correct
AN-HASH-1004The hash format is not supported
AN-HASH-1005Invalid secret format
AN-HASH-1006Invalid salt format
AN-DATB-1000UserGroup for user is null or empty
AN-DATB-1001UserConnector mapping for user is null or empty
AN-DATB-1002No Groups for application
AN-DEVI-1000User device lookup failed
AN-DEVI-1001Unknown device UUID
AN-DEVI-1002Empty Update Device Request
AN-DEVI-1003Request to update device denied
AN-DEVI-1004Request to delete device denied
AN-DEVI-1006DeviceUuid is not valid
AN-DEVI-1007Device UUID in the wrong format
AN-DEVI-1008Request to retrieve device details denied
AN-DEVI-1009A pending user is not allowed to add a new device
AN-DEVI-1010Request to execute external forgot pin for device denied
AN-DEVI-1011URL for device forgot pin not found
AN-DEVI-1012Invalid Forgot PIN Device Request
AN-EMAI-1001No configured email address
AN-EMAI-1002Unable to find the device reprovision information
AN-EMAI-1003Unable to load email properties
AN-EMAI-1004Unable to find the device preprovision information
AN-EMAI-1005Email properties are empty
AN-EMAI-1006Email password incorrect format
AN-EMAI-1007Email host is incorrect
AN-EMAI-1008Email port is not valid
AN-EMAI-1009Email from address wrong format
AN-GENR-1000Generic exception, please check the logs for more details
AN-GRUP-1001Unable to find internal group
AN-GRUP-1002Unable to find external group
AN-GRUP-1003Group does not exist or has not been imported
AN-GRUP-1004Not implemented
AN-GRUP-1005Group name is invalid
AN-GRUP-1006Application UUID is invalid
AN-GRUP-1007Using internal group management for application
AN-HCOG-1001The list of organisation users is null or empty
AN-HCRE-1000Not possible to reach REST API of Haventec Console
AN-HCRE-1001Non-successful status return from Haventec Console
AN-HCRE-1002Haventec Console HTTP REST response with no body
AN-HENG-1000Invalid authentication request
AN-HENG-1001Wrong authKey
AN-HENG-1002User not found
AN-HENG-1003User locked
AN-HENG-1004Device is locked
AN-HENG-1005Device not found
AN-JSON-1000Exception reading request body
AN-JSON-1001JSON Parse error
AN-JSON-1002Not possible to convert object to JSON string
AN-JWTT-1001Invalid JWT Token
AN-LDAP-1000Application is not configured with a LDAP user integration. Please verify your applicationUuid
AN-LDAP-1001Invalid API for LDAP users. In order to add a LDAP user please use /integration/ldap/user
AN-LDAP-1003LDAP connection issues
AN-LDAP-1004LDAP user root DN is not defined
AN-LDAP-1005LDAP URLs are not defined
AN-LOGI-1000User passed as parameter to the method is null
AN-LOGI-1001ConnectorUuid passed as parameter to the method is null
AN-LOGI-1002GroupUuid passed as parameter to the method is null
AN-PROP-1001This property is not modifiable
AN-PROP-1002Unsupported property value, Category=config, propertyName=authentication.protocol
AN-PROP-1017No properties configured for this application
AN-PROP-1018Unable to process the claim
AN-REST-1001RestTemplate Error
AN-ROLE-1001Role does not exist
AN-SAML-1001Unable to load properties
AN-SAML-1002Unable to create marshaller
AN-SAML-1003Unable to get Service Provider meta data
AN-SAML-1004No default assertion consuming service
AN-SAML-1005SAML Exception
AN-SAML-1006Unable to read certificate
AN-SAML-1007Invalid key pair
AN-SAML-1008SamlTokenEngine.invalidateTokenForDevice not implemented
AN-SAML-1009Invalid input for attributes
AN-SAML-1010Invalid properties passed
AN-SAML-1011X509 Certificate is not valid
AN-SAML-1012Invalid hostname configured
AN-SAML-1013Invalid SingleSignOn URL
AN-SAML-1014Invalid SingleLogout URL
AN-SETP-1001Setup has already been completed
AN-SETP-1002Setup has not been run
AN-SETP-1003Authenticate is in an inconsistent state, please re-install
AN-SETP-1004Unable to identify root application, please re-install authenticate
AN-SETP-1005Unable to identify root user, please re-install authenticate
AN-SETP-1006No device detected for root user, please re-install authenticate
AN-SETP-1007Root user corrupt, please re-install authenticate
AN-TOKN-1001Passed token is null
AN-TOKN-1002Invalid token
AN-TOKN-1003Unknown token provider
AN-TOKN-1004No token provider configured
AN-TOKN-1005Unable to get token configuration
AN-TOKN-1006Error in generating JWT token
AN-TOKN-1007User is invalid
AN-TOKN-1008Device is invalid
AN-TOKN-1009Application has no properties
AN-TOKN-1010Unable to find user in connector
AN-TOKN-1011Unable to load IDP properties
AN-TOKN-1012Unable to decode query parameters
AN-TOKN-1013Unable to validate application UUID
AN-TOKN-1014Properties are not set
AN-TOKN-1015Service Provider metadata not set
AN-TOKN-1016User no longer exists
AN-TOKN-1017Unable to get hash
AN-TOKN-1018Unknown elliptic signature algorithm
AN-USER-1000Invalid UserUuid
AN-USER-1001Username already exists in this application
AN-USER-1002Username already exists in this application
AN-USER-1003No valid role exists in application to add a self-service user
AN-USER-1004No valid group exists in application
AN-USER-1005No valid connector exists in application
AN-USER-1006Not allowed to delete yourself
AN-USER-1007Not allowed to lock/unlock yourself
AN-USER-1008Request to update user denied
AN-USER-1009User not found or is locked or not activated
AN-USER-1010Invalid user provision request
AN-USER-1011User token has expired
AN-USER-1012Empty add user request
AN-USER-1013Empty update user request
AN-USER-1014Request to retrieve user details denied
AN-UOTP-1001Not allowed to create an OTP for that user
AN-UOTP-1002Incorrect OTP for username.
AN-UOTP-1003The OTP is expired. Please request a new one.
AN-UOTP-1004User has already a valid OTP assigned. Please wait till it expires or gets used.
AN-UOTP-1005The OTP is expired. Please request a new one.
AN-USIV-1001User is null
AN-USIV-1002User Integration Validation Error
AN-USIV-1003User integration is null
AN-USIV-1004Invalid user credentials at the LDAP DB
AN-OPID-1000Expired OAuth Authorization code
AN-OPID-1001client_id not found
AN-OPID-1002Invalid client_id format
AN-OPID-1012Invalid format at the query parameter nonce
AN-OPID-1003Invalid OpenID input format - response_type only supports code as per Authorization Code flow
AN-OPID-1004Invalid OpenID input format - scope must contain openid
AN-OPID-1005Invalid OpenID input format - scope contains an invalid value
AN-OPID-1006Invalid OpenID input format - client_id is not in uuid format
AN-OPID-1007Invalid OpenID input format - client_secret is not in uuid format
AN-OPID-1008Invalid OpenID input format - state is not in a valid format
AN-OPID-1009Invalid OpenID input format - redirect_uri is not a valid http or https url
AN-OPID-1010Invalid OpenID input format - grant_type only supports supports authorization_code as per Authorization Code flow
AN-OPID-1011Invalid OpenID input format - code is not in a valid format
AN-OPID-1013Invalid OpenID queryparameters format
AN-OPID-1014Invalid OpenID queryparameter, parameter is not covered in the OpenID spec
AN-OPID-1015Missing OpenID queryparameters
AN-OPID-1016Not allowed to update OpenID parameter of non-OpenID application
AN-OIAM-1001Application does not have IAM properties enabled
AN-OIAM-1002IAM client_id not configured
AN-OIAM-1003IAM client_secret not configured
AN-OIAM-1004IAM introspect url not configured
AN-OIAM-1005IAM role not configured
AN-OIAM-1006IAM role path not configured
AN-OIAM-1007role path format
AN-VALI-1000Application UUID is in the wrong format
AN-VALI-1001Application UUID was not found
AN-VALI-1002Invalid user provision request. Request is null.
AN-VALI-1003Invalid username format
AN-VALI-1004Invalid activation token format
AN-VALI-1005Invalid pin format
AN-VALI-1006Invalid application UUID format
AN-VALI-1007Invalid device name format
AN-VALI-1008Invalid authentication request
AN-VALI-1009Invalid pin change request
AN-VALI-1010Invalid device pin reset
AN-VALI-1011Empty Activate Device request
AN-VALI-1012Invalid username format
AN-VALI-1013Invalid device UUID format
AN-VALI-1014Application name is in the wrong format
AN-VALI-1015Application request is null
AN-VALI-1016Application description is in the wrong format
AN-VALI-1017Application request is null
AN-VALI-1018Application Api Key is in the wrong format
AN-VALI-1019Invalid device unique identifier format
AN-VALI-1020Device id is not found
AN-VALI-1021Group name is not a valid format
AN-VALI-1022Create Group Request is null
AN-VALI-1023Invalid group description
AN-VALI-1024Role request is null
AN-VALI-1025Role request roles are empty
AN-VALI-1026Category name is the incorrect format
AN-VALI-1027Property name is the incorrect format
AN-VALI-1028Property request is null
AN-VALI-1029Property value is the incorrect format
AN-VALI-1030Role name is not a valid format
AN-VALI-1031Role description is incorrectly formatted
AN-VALI-1032PreProvision request is null
AN-VALI-1033Invalid email format
AN-VALI-1034Groups list is null
AN-VALI-1035Group list is empty
AN-VALI-1036Properties are null
AN-VALI-1037JWT Issuer not configured correctly
AN-VALI-1038JWT token expiry not configured correctly
AN-VALI-1039JWT token before time not configured correctly
AN-VALI-1040JWT role label not configured correctly
AN-VALI-1041JWT private key not configured correctly
AN-VALI-1042JWT public key not configured correctly
AN-VALI-1043JWT algorithm not configured correctly
AN-VALI-1044Add device request is null
AN-VALI-1045Device name does not meet the standards
AN-VALI-1046Modify device request is null
AN-VALI-1047Device failed attempts does not meet the standards
AN-VALI-1048JWT Token is invalid
AN-VALI-1049User could not be found
AN-VALI-1050Invalid request format
AN-VALI-1051User id is invalid
AN-VALI-1052Connector id is invalid
AN-VALI-1053User or connector does not exist
AN-VALI-1054Action not permitted on this connector
AN-VALI-1055Unable to find user
AN-VALI-1056Connector id is in the wrong format
AN-VALI-1057Connector was not found
AN-VALI-1058AddUser request is null
AN-VALI-1059Invalid mobile number format
AN-VALI-1060Invalid user activation token TTL format
AN-VALI-1061Invalid session token TTL format
AN-VALI-1062Invalid device activation token TTL format
AN-VALI-1063Cannot reset the PIN of a pending device. Please activate the device first
AN-VALI-1064Generate OTP request is null
AN-VALI-1065Validate OTP request is null
AN-VALI-1066Invalid OTP format
AN-VALI-1067Page size must not be higher than 1000
AN-VALI-1068Support Administrator user can only create other Support Administrator users
AN-VALI-1069Invalid device reset pin URL format
AN-VALI-1070Invalid IAM Introspect URI format
AN-VALI-1071Invalid IAM Client ID format
AN-VALI-1072Invalid IAM Client secret format
AN-VALI-1073Invalid IAM Introspect json path format
AN-VALI-1074Invalid IAM Introspect Role whitelist format
AN-VALI-1075Invalid JWT Claim Issuer format
AN-VALI-1076Invalid user OTP TTL format